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Thank you for considering purchasing one of our bassets.
Upon placing your deposit on an adult dog or puppy of your choice, you understand that the deposit is non-refundable. If your adult dog or puppy becomes ill or dies while still in our possession, we will put your deposit towards another adult dog or puppy. If there are no available adult dogs or littermates remaining that you like, we will refund your deposit, within 2 weeks after this contract becomes void.
You the buyer will be given all health records and proper registration forms for the adult dog or puppy. The adult dog or puppy has been provided with the best care possible. Now, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to continue caring for this adult dog or puppy in every possible way.
Upon receiving your adult dog or puppy you have 48 hours (weekends & holidays excluded) from that date to have the adult dog or puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian. If the veterinarian finds that the adult dog or puppy has a life threatening hereditary condition that makes it a health risk, we will replace the adult dog or puppy with another one that is available. If no adult dogs or puppies are available, you will be notified of the next planned litter. We cannot guarantee if and when we will have an adult dog or puppy of the same color or sex. No cash refunds given. A written statement from the veterinarian must be sent to Ben's Bassets stating the adult dog's or puppy's condition and what it will take to correct it. The original adult dog or puppy must be returned at the buyers expense. We will not be responsible for any medical bills pertaining to your adult dog or puppy once it leaves our kennel.
We regret that not all of our families can pick up their adult dog or puppy in person. We can arrange with the Airlines to fly your adult dog or puppy to you at your expense. All adult dogs or puppies that requires shipping must be paid in full before shipment.  If you are picking up your adult dog or puppy in person, you can pay your remaining balance the day of pick up. We accept paypal payments, or cash only for pick up for final payment. Your puppy cannot be shipped until 8 weeks of age. We cannot guarantee a specific ship date of your adult dog or puppy. The weather plays a very important role in shipping the adult dogs and puppies. Please be opened minded and realize that the rules and regulations of pet travel are put in place for your adult dog or puppies safety. Your adult dog or puppy will be taken to the veterinarian within 10 days of flight, for a overall health check. Ben's Basssets will provide everything required for shipping the adult dog or puppy to you safely. Once your adult dog or puppy has been dropped off at the airport, Ben's Bassets will no longer be responsible for the care or overall health of your adult dog or puppy. 
All adult dogs and puppies will be sold with full registration unless otherwise advertised. If an adult dog or puppy is sold as a breeder, we can give no guarantee that it will be able to reproduce. We cannot guarantee the quality of puppies it will produce. Please research the basset breed, before starting a breeding program. It takes great planning and understanding of the breed to be successful. 
At Ben's Bassets, we have enjoyed learning a great deal about the basset breed. Now, we want to share our love of bassets with families and provide them with bassets that are happy and healthy while enjoying a new member of your family. 
Thank you, for considering a BEN'S BASSET.  

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